18, 19 & 23 August 2018

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What can you expect from the Semi-Finals?

Photo by: Ryan Buchanan / Edinburgh International Festival
Posted 18 August 2018 at 11:53

This weekend the Semi-Finals of Eurovision Young Musicians 2018 are taking place in Edinburgh. We will cover the events over the weekend, but what can you expect from us? And very important: where can you watch the Semi-Finals?

The first stage of the competition is a Semi-Final recital round consisting of a public concert (as part of the Edinburgh International Festival musical programme), either solo or with piano accompaniment, for a maximum duration of 18 minutes. These Semi-Finals are arranged into groups of three, with six one-hour Semi-Final recitals taking place across 18 and 19 August.

What can you expect from us?

We will follow the participants all over the Festival Theatre and post exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on our social channels, so don't forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts! Youngmusicians.tv will also be updated throughout the weekend with exclusive content.

Where to watch?

You can watch the Semi-Finals via numerous broadcasters either live or at a later stage. Click HERE for the entire list.

Rather watch online? You can watch the Semi-Finals on our YouTube channel:

Semi-Final 1

Semi-Final 2

Semi-Final 3

Semi-Final 4

Semi-Final 5

Semi-Final 6

The results

A panel of expert jury members will watch all Semi-Finals and assign points out of 10 based on specific criteria (Technical Accuracy, Quality of Sound, Interpretation and Performance). Scores will be summed and contestants ranked in order, and the final scores will be presented to the Jury at the end of the final Semi-Final Recital who shall then retire to deliberate. Following discussion, they may make changes to the numerical rankings by universal agreement. Following this deliberation the Jury will announce the names of the six finalists in a randomized order. The rankings and scores of the Semi-Finals will not be published to avoid prejudicing the Final Jury.

After the Semi-Finals we will focus on the Final, which will take place in the Usher Hall on the 24th of August. But more on that after the weekend. Stay tuned!

Josianne Zwart
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Photo by: Ryan Buchanan / Edinburgh International Festival
Josianne Zwart