18, 19 & 23 August 2018

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Meet the finalists: Ivan Bessonov from Russia - Eurovision Young Musicians 2018

Posted 21 August 2018 at 15:30

Ivan Bessonov will represent Russia at the final of Eurovision Young Musicians 2018.

Конкурс молодых музыкантов Евровидение 2018
Иван Бессонов, Россия

The 2018 Eurovision Young Musicians takes place in Edinburgh. The Semi-Finals took place on the 18th and 19th of August, and the final takes place on the 23rd of August.

The Final takes place on 23 August, where each of the six finalists will perform for up to 12' (one or more movements of a single musical work), accompanied by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Here, a different jury will once again score the contestants based on the same criteria as during the Semi-Finals. Following all six performances, the jury shall retire to discuss the results. Here again, they may declare the winner to be the candidate with the highest score, or, by mutual agreement, change the result. This is to ensure that over-reliance on numerical scoring does not yield an incorrect winner. The Final Jury then announces the winner live on stage during the televised broadcast. The winner will receive a cash prize and an opportunity to perform with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in a forthcoming season.

Both the competition and Jury are supervised by the European Broadcasting Union.

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